Where can I use DefendaStrip®?

Due to its innovative design and flexible material, DefendaStrip® can be fitted more or less anywhere with the right preparation - walls, fences, gates, roofs, pipes, windowsills, CCTV columns or anywhere else where trespassing is a potential issue.  Please see below for guidance on height restrictions. 


Is it easy to fit?

Yes!  If you are fitting DefendaStrip® on a flat surface – on a wall for example – the strips will clip together enabling a long run to be secured easily. If you use screws to fix then we recommend inserting them at regular intervals, particularly in the overlapping sections where the strips join, to not only secure the strip adequately but also as a deterrent to anyone that may try to remove them.  On a rounded surface like a downpipe, for example, its flexibility enables it to bend to mirror the shape of the pipe and can then be secured in place with either a metal banding system or a heavy-duty cable tie (we advise choosing one that’s at least 10mm wide). We only suggest using the heavy-duty cable tie at a higher level where it is not easy to remove; the metal bands are suitable for any height.  


If the above fixing methods are not suitable for the area you want to protect, a specialist adhesive can be used. If you want to fit DefendaStrip® but can’t for whatever reason use screws or banding, please contact us on info@defendastrip.co.ukor 01424 400805 and we will do our best to advise you.  Please also see the installation page.


If specialist adhesive is used, care should be taken to apply the product in accordance with Manufacturers’ instructions to ensure an adequate level of bonding.  Please test a small area with your chosen product before proceeding with the entire installation to confirm a secure fixing.  For a successful bond to take place, the surface you are fixing to should be suitable for adhesive, clean and free of any loose debris.

How do I work out how much I need?

The dimensions of one DefendaStrip® are 510mm x 100mm.  Strips can be placed end to end to form one continuous strip, or side by side to cover a wider area. The strips can be modified to fit awkward areas and angles, or if the width needs adjusting, use a Stanley blade or similar to carefully shape or trim the strip/s to the required size. 


If you would like some assistance, please get in touch.


Do I need warning signs?

We recommend when fitting DefendaStrip® that warning signs, such as the one we supply are displayed clearly and in accordance with any relevant regulations.  When deployed on a linear run, signage should be placed at regular intervals of around 3m so they are clearly visible.  Our signage conforms to BS ISO EN 7010: 2011.


What is my legal liability when fitting DefendaStrip®?

It is strongly recommended that warning signage is displayed clearly and at regular intervals to limit liability.


It is generally accepted that any perimeter security measures are best employed at a minimum height of 2 metres, and due care and attention is paid to any local, special conditions or obligations particularly when installing adjacent to a public highway. It is advisable to contact your Local Authority if you feel you would like further guidance.


Will DefendaStrip® tolerate any weather or temperature?

It is important that the maximum temperatures of the environment in which it is fitted fall within the temperature range of -20◦C to +80◦C.  We cannot guarantee the lifespan and efficacy of the product if it is fitted where the temperature falls outside of this range.

 Does DefendaStrip® come with a guarantee?

We guarantee our product for 6 months.  This is subject to normal usage, fitting within the recommended temperature range and the fitting of the product being carried out to a suitable standard.  Poor workmanship and usage of substandard or unsuitable fixing products will invalidate the guarantee. 


What happens if I change my mind and want to exchange or return my order?

Please see our Refunds and Returns Policy or our full Terms and Conditions for information on exchanges and returns.


I can’t find the colour I want on the website - can I place an order for a special colour?

Our standard colours are black, grey, green, brown and translucent. However, we are often asked to supply strips that are sympathetic to the surrounding environment. You can place an order for any RAL colour but please note your order will be subject to a minimum order quantity of 250 metres. Prices for custom colours are available on request. 


What does your Secured by Design accreditation mean?

DefendaStrip Ltd is a proud member of Secured by Design, the flagship UK police initiative to help ‘design out’ crime through the use of high-quality, innovative products and processes. DefendaStrip® is SBD accredited. Certification gives quality assurance. Products must be subjected to rigorous testing and auditing by an accredited third-party organisation. As shown repeatedly over the last ten years, SBD-accredited, attack resistant, quality products have reduced burglary where they have been installed. Please see www.securedbydesign.com for more information.

Made in the UK

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