When installing DefendaStrip® as your chosen perimeter security product, we would advise you to carefully consider the surface finish you are fitting DefendaStrip® to, as this will determine the best method of fixing.  Several options are available depending on application:


  • Screws – A 4mm exterior quality screw and plug, inserted at regular intervals with particular attention paid to where the strips connect, is suggested to ensure our anti-climb product is fixed securely.  Choose a length appropriate for your application.


  • Metal banding – Fixing DefendaStrip® to a curved surface?  Want to prevent unwanted access to downpipes? A metal banding system is suitable for this type of application. The bands should be secured where the strips connect and in the middle of the strip where there is a gap designed specifically for metal banding.


  • Contact adhesive – If the above fixing methods are not suitable for the area you want to protect, specialist adhesive can be used. DefendaStrip is made from Polypropylene which has low surface energy - this means standard adhesive will not work when fitting our product.  If you would like to discuss this option, please contact us on or 01424 400805 and we will do our best to help.  If specialist adhesive is used, care should be taken to apply the product in accordance with Manufacturers’ instructions to ensure an adequate level of bonding.  Please test a small area with your chosen product before proceeding with the entire installation to confirm a secure fixing.  For a successful bond to take place, the surface you are fixing to should be suitable for adhesive, clean and free of any loose debris.

Warning Signage

We recommend when fitting DefendaStrip® that warning signs, such as the one below, are displayed clearly, in accordance with any relevant regulations.  When deployed on a linear run, signage should be at regular intervals of around 3 metres apart so they are clearly visible.  It is generally accepted that any perimeter security measures are best employed at a minimum height of 2 metres, and due care and attention is paid to any local, special conditions or obligations particularly when installing adjacent to a public highway. 

Our signage conforms to BS ISO EN 7010: 2011.

DefendaStrip Ltd is a member of Secured by Design, the flagship UK police initiative to help ‘design out’ crime through the use of high-quality, innovative products and processes. DefendaStrip® is accredited by Secured by Design and meets police-preferred specification. Please see for more information.

Made in the UK

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