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Balancing effective perimeter security in the public sector with a safe solution to minimise personal injury.

Protecting public sector property can be a difficult and expensive challenge.  Making areas safe for members of the public creates a need to balance an effective intruder deterrent with a solution that minimises risk of serious injury.

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Public areas present a multitude of challenges when considering intruder deterrents. Security requires preventive measures that are effective but that will minimise the risk of personal injury. Solutions also need adapt to a variety of surfaces and be sympathetic to their environments.  

Finding a security solution that is visually pleasing but that can also satisfy local planning laws or restrictions is difficult. DefendaStrip is less visually intrusive than other anti-climb products. Available in black, green, brown, grey and translucent as standard, its colour can also be customised to suit its surroundings making it the perfect choice for sensitive environments such as conservation areas, and historic or listed buildings.  

From our experience of working with Local Authorities, DefendaStrip is a preferred choice over alternative, more unsightly options. 

Unlike other deterrents on the market, DefendaStrip can be cut to fit awkward areas and corners, and bends along its length and width to fit surfaces, making it ideal for walls, roofs, stanchions and fences. 


Costing less than half the price of metal alternatives whilst satisfying the HSE requirements for intruder safety, DefendaStrip is an easy to install, maintenance free, recyclable alternative that will save you time and money. 

To view a full technical specification, click here.

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