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The Flex

Why Choose the Flex?  

The Flex strips are the perfect choice for installing on a wide range of surfaces including pipes, walls, fencing, plant equipment and infrastructure. These versatile strips are crafted from a weather resistant Polypropylene with two alternating cone heights. They can be cut precisely to fit awkward areas and are very easy to install.


The Flex is a good all round perimeter protection solution, but is particularly suitable for installing on pipes as it bends both ways to fit rounded surfaces and corners. Flex strips can easily be fitted to large diameter utility pipes, residential downpipes, CCTV poles and lighting columns.  

Flex strips are maintenance free after installation and less than half the cost of market alternatives to purchase and install.


Prices start from just £5.90 a metre (excl. VAT)


Made from Polypropylene​.​ 

Dimensions: 510mm x 100mm
(485mm x 100mm excluding tabs)
Number of cones per strip: 72

Alternating heights of 30mm and 25mm Approximate weight: 160g


Available in black, brown, grey and green. Other custom RAL colours are available subject to availability, requirement and minimum orders. 


Strips fit neatly together to form continuous protective runs that can be rapidly deployed as they are, without the need for hot water treatment.


Choose from screws or metal bands.  Please see installation guide for more information. 


Discreet when fitted in sensitive locations and can be modified to complement the surroundings including extremes of temperature, and varying colours.

The strips can also be recycled at the end of their useful life. 


DefendaStrip products are designed to minimise risk of harm and associated personal injury claims that often arise with metal products.

View the latest retail price list for the Flex

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