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The Rise

Why Choose the Rise?  

The Rise is a new anti-climb innovation, combining the original DefendaStrip Flex strips with a revolutionary 'tray' system, allowing the defensive cones to create a higher, more prominent profile - perfect for a more obvious perimeter protection solution. 

Lightweight yet incredibly robust, the Rise is ideal for a range of surfaces.  Available in 672mm lengths, it can easily be cut to size to fit vertically or horizontally, perfect for a seamless boundary installation.

Flat roof a problem area? 

Not with the Rise!  Our tray system is made from 100% recycled ABS which means using adhesive is the ideal fixing method for felt, lead or rubber roofs where screws should not be used.

Fitting on masonry walls or wooden fences? 

Adhesive or screws can be used for this type of installation. 


Metal security fences? 

Using metal banding it can be used as an effective topper on 358 security fencing (see our installation video).  For other types of metal fencing please get in touch here so we can help with your installation.

Prices start from just £46.20 for a pack of three


Made from Polypropylene and recycled ABS

Dimensions: L672mm, W108mm (inc cones), W77mm (fixing base exc. cones)

Number of cones per length: 108

Approximate weight 472g


Available in black, brown, grey and green. Other custom RAL colours are available subject to availability, requirement and minimum orders. 


The Rise sections fit neatly next to each other on a run and can be cut to size to fit the exact length of an installation.  

Suitable for fitting vertically or horizontally.


Choose from multiple fixing options depending on installation – screws, adhesive or metal bands.  

Please see our installation guide for more information.


Suitable for a range of environments – from sensitive locations such as historic or protected structures to commercial properties.  UV levels can be modified to suit different global regions as well as extremes of temperature.


DefendaStrip products are designed to  minimise risk of harm and associated personal injury claims that often arise with metal products. 

View the latest retail price list for The Rise

Have you found the right product?  View our handy comparison chart

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