A versatile visual and physical deterrent to intruders and trespassers

DefendaStrip® is a flexible, cost-effective polypropylene security product, featuring anti-climb spikes designed to deter intruders from your premises whilst minimising the risk of injuries often associated with metal products. 

Suitable for all area shapes and surfaces

DefendaStrip® can be cut precisely to fit awkward areas and unlike other plastic intruder deterrents, bends both ways to fit rounded surfaces and corners. It is the perfect choice for covering most sized pipes & crossings, walls, plant & equipment, roofs, stanchions and fences. 

Strips that easily lock together

DefendaStrip strips lock together to form continuous protective runs that can be rapidly deployed as they are, without the need for any hot water treatment. Designed and manufactured in the UK, DefendaStrip® is stackable for easy, cost-effective storage and distribution.

Adaptable to complement its surroundings

DefendaStrip® is discreet when fitted in sensitive locations and can be manufactured and modified to complement its surroundings, including extremes of temperature and varying colours. It is UV resistant and can also be recycled at the end of its useful life.

 An intelligent design 

Using defensive cones of irregular heights, DefendaStrip® is crafted to present an unstable walking or climbing surface to an intruder.  Made from a weather-resistant Polypropylene, this flexible, intelligent design minimises the risk of harm and associated personal injury claims, or even risk of prosecution, compared with metal deterrents. 

Great value and economical to fit 

Strips are 510mm x 100mm, and prices start at just £5.50 per metre excl. VAT, depending on colour and quantity ordered. For the full technical product specification, click here.

Simple and easy to fix

DefendaStrip® is specially designed to work with steel banding but can also be fixed with screws and nails or adhesive depending on the application.  No need for complicated fitting instructions or long-winded explanations  – the beauty of DefendaStrip® lies in its simplicity! 

Designing out crime

DefendaStrip® is accredited by Secured by Design and meets police-preferred specification. Certification gives quality assurance and products must be subjected to rigorous testing before being awarded the accreditation. 

Made in the UK

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