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Novachem Protac® MS Polymer 750 Adhesive

Protac® MS Polymer 750 is an elastic, stable, single component adhesive based on an MS hybrid polymer technology. Protac®MS750 Hybrid MS Polymer Adhesive is chemically neutral and free of silicones, solvents, halogens and Isocyanates. Protac® MS750 is UV-resistant. It cures through an odourless reaction with moisture in the air and remains permanently elastic. It is fungicidal, non-ageing, weather and UV-resistant.


•High grab strength and fast initial grip

•Ultimate high strength once cured

•Excellent primerless adhesion to a wide range of substrates

•Tolerant to damp substrates

•High resistant properties to acids/alkalis, petrol, etc.

•High UV and aggressive atmosphere resistance

•Excellent resistance to oils, solvents and moisture

•Good abrasion resistance


1 x 400ml tube.

Special applicator required.

    VAT Included
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